Spoleto riconosce l’artista salernitano come il più versatile attore teatrale del 2019.

.. la creatività ed il talento teatrale dell’artista salernitano… Yari vince il riconoscimento che in passato avevano avuto Gassman, Randone, Volonté…

Ne parla anche il New York Times:

The sixty-second edition of the international festival of the two worlds of Spoleto has ended. The festival of the most important arts in the world under the direction of Giorgio Ferrara. David La Chapelle signs the manifesto. Ocean of Inspirations. Emma Dante, a Sicilian director, presents Esodo. She immediately thinks about the problem of immigration on the Italian coasts. Minister Salvini‘s presence at the closing concert directed by the excellent Maestro Daniele Gatti is not missing.

Special Reviews to:
Santo Chiodo (hospital of the fine arts restored due to the earthquake). An experience that makes it possible to appreciate the enormous work carried out by the staff of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage to restore its soul and the signs of its civilization to the wounded territories. Interesting installations of the Fendi Foundation “Artificial Intelligence” and “Ecce Robot
Marisa Berenson in “Berlin Kabarret” is passionate and convincing. Dutch Nation Ballet in Ode to the Master like less instead. The international sculptor D’Amico chooses the theme of 50 years of the first man on the Moon “The Man on the Moon” delivered to the best artist of the year, the Italian actor Yari Gugliucci. “In contrast, Dutch Nation Ballet in Ode to the Master is less liked.”…