Nurse With Wound live

Venerdì 8 Dicembre 2017
First Floor Club, Via G. Carducci, 7
Pomigliano D’Arco – Napoli

preshow vinyl set Jean drop
aftershow dj set LKSMN // Like Someone

SupporterSubsidence // Infidel Bodies
GraphicGerardo Grimaldi –
Teaser & Live Video SetCarmine Margarita

aperture porte ore 21:00
costo biglietto concerto € 25
180 posti | unica data in Italia!

ingresso libero aftershow djset: € 0,00
prenotazione tavoli per cena – +39 393 67 21 727
apertura ristorante ore 20:30

Nurse With Wound has been Steven Stapleton’s main musical outlet for over 35 years. He has also appeared on records by other artists and worked as a producer, remixer and a critcially acclaimed soundtrack composer. As well as his musical output Stapleton is a highly accomplished and renowned painter and sculptor often working under the guise of ‘Babs Santini’.

There are now well over 100 full-length NWW titles. Stapleton’s eclectic tastes in art, film and music is often reflected in the broad and often unpredictable and unlikely music of NWW, the output of which draws directly on nearly every musical genre imaginable yet consistently retains a distinctively and recognizable Nurse With Wound ‘sound’… Evento Facebook

LKSMN // Like Someone (Best Company, Outta, KKYR) è uno dei moniker dietro ai quali si cela la personalità introspettiva di Pietro Rianna, turntablist nato a Napoli durante gli anni 80, nel boom della sperimentazione dei rumori… Evento Facebook